New Griots: A Call for Scripts for the Black Theatre
In 1926, activist and scholar W. E. B. DuBois called for the formation of a Black Theatre Movement across the nation. He solicited poets, short story writers, and others to become playwrights and begin writings plays for these new theaters. His objectives: to increase the number of plays written by African Americans and provide them with the tools to tell their own story. The desired outcomes were a greater level of devotion to self-definition and self-determination inspiring generations of Blacks.

In honor of that history, and celebrating the voices of Black playwrights, Plowshares Theatre Company is announcing an opportunity for writers with new works in 2018. The New Griots Play Development Program will solicit and develop as many as ten new plays by African-American writers from across the nation as part of its New Griots Play Festival, to be held in July 2018. Plowshares will then offer assistance in promoting the scripts to professional, community and college theatres following the development process. Our goal is to significantly enhance the canon of producible African American plays.

The New Griots Play Development Program provides Plowshares with an opportunity to encourage and nurture promising new works from emerging and established playwrights. The winners this year are examples of the vibrant talent in Black Theatre today. Each writer was chosen by Plowshares Theatre Company as a dynamic voice needing to be heard. By workshopping new plays in collaboration with professional directors and actors we give the support needed for an emerging or established playwright to get  

Scripts must be submitted by March 14, 2018. A script postmarks by the deadline date is acceptable. Play scripts may be delivered by regular mail, in person or via email. The writers chosen will be notified by May 30, 2018, if their work has been selected.

Send Manuscripts to:
Attn: New Griots Play Development Program
440 Burroughs St.
Suite 185
Detroit, MI 48202


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