DETROIT, MI – Michigan’s only professional African American Theatre, Plowshares Theatre Company, kicks off 2018 by announcing auditions for Flint Rising: A New Griot Performance Festival. The Black History Month presentation of new plays is in recognition of the Flint Water Crisis which has affected the people of that city since April 25, 2014. The festival consists of two plays: Juneteenth Street by Reginald Edmunds and SPACEby Keli Garrett.

Those interested in auditioning should come to auditions on Saturday, January 27 at Techtown, 440 Burroughs Street, Detroit, MI 48202 from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Callbacks will be held at the discretion of the directors.

Actors interested in auditioning should be prepared to do a cold reading from one or both scripts.

Each play addresses themes of social justice, water rights, or environmental racism. Their storylines speak to the failure of a government to its people or the needs of a community in the face of insurmountable odds. Moreover, this event is designed to create a forum for dialogue and action. A play reading is an intimate way for writers to create small pieces around a common theme that are performed by other artists and communities that can strengthen the talents of all.

The festival will run February 23 and 24. The festival features staged readings of promising new plays by emerging and established African American playwrights. Below is a description of the plays and the roles available.

Play Descriptions

JUNETEENTH STREET by Reginald Edmunds

Setting: The church sanctuary of Mount Saint Moses Missionary Baptist Church of the Fourth Ward, the church is in severe need of repair. A pulpit sits on a secondary level with a piano nearby, in front of that sits an old wooden altar and an old battered wooden cross. Against the back wall stands two pillars with several notches carved into them, an old wooden chair sits in the center.

Synopsis: When Rev. John McHenry inherits his father’s church, he dreams of stepping out of his father’s shadow, how little does he know that in his attempt to create his own legacy, he could be endangering his communities’ heritage.


Reverend John McHenry – African American Male, mid-30s

Angela McHenry – Mixed Race, Female late 20s, from Chicago

Deacon Raymond – African American Male, late 60s

Mama Love – African American Female, Ancient

Ty Southmill- African American Male, late 20s-early 30s

Claire Winters – African American Female, early-30s

SPACE by Keli Garrett

Setting: New York City and Down South, in and around Louisiana and Mississippi.

Time: A pendulum between the years 2005 and 1927 and, in New York City, the gay 90’s on the cusp of a new century.

Synopsis: In SPACE, Teacher, Jocoasta, Greyson, Kass, Pogo, Javreaux and Robin are caught up in history. Swept from 2005 Hurricane Katrina to the Mississippi floods of 1927. When these two catastrophic events collide, they soon discover that the more things change, the more things stay the same. SPACE explores the harsh truth that disasters, natural or man-made, have a way of revealing how easily a civil society and the lives it contains can crumble under the weight of racial terror and environmental upheaval.


Teacher/Ezekiel – Male, Black

Jocasta/Buelee/JoJo – Female, Black

Greyson /Grey– Male, Ethnicity unspecified

Young Kass/Kass – Female, Ethnicity unspecified

Laurent/Robin /Frank V.O. – Male, White, 20’s

Javreaux/Landlord/Alec – Male, White, 20’s

Pogo – Male, Black, late Teens, early 20’s

About Plowshares

Plowshares Theatre Company is a not-for-profit, professional live theatre company, dedicated to producing plays that affirm, exhibit, and inspire African American life. The company began producing in 1990 and has received a number of local awards and accolades.

Additional information about the company is available online at or by calling (313) 744-3181. While your there you can sign up to receive information on the upcoming 2018-19 Season.###

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