Registration is now open for the Motown Records: Made in Detroit Symposium taking place from July 6-8, 2017 at the Michigan State University Detroit Center. The symposium is offered at no cost for participants with the exception of K-12 teachers electing SCECH credits (3-15 hours; $25).

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Motown Records: Made in Detroit

A Symposium

Plowshares Theatre Company will present Motown Records: Made in Detroit; a three-day symposium on the significance and legacy of Motown Records. In recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Rebellion, the symposium will include a section focusing the music of Motown from 1967. On Saturday, the final day of the symposium, educators will have the opportunity to create digital media classroom resources to shares with students and the general public.

The target audience are Michigan-based 8th -12th grade and college educators/students, as well as, music enthusiasts. Although registrants may elect to attend one or more days of the seminar, preference will be given for those able to participate for three days of the conference.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the historic socioeconomic conditions existing at the time of Motown’s founding which made this business venture ripe for success.
  2. Discover what is the Motown sound and what musical styles/genres had the greatest influence on its creation.
  3. Learn about Motown’s greatest acts and music.
  4. Understand the legacy of Motown on American culture.
  5. Acquire a competency in digital storytelling and other media techniques to bring the Motown story to the classroom and the general public.


Motown Records Symposium Agenda

Reserve Your Space Today: Only 50 spaces available per day – go to the Reservation Form to secure your spot.


  • The Emergence of Motown & Black Entrepreneurship
  • What is the Motown Sound?
  • Motown Acts & Music
  • Motown ‘67
  • The Legacy of Motown
  • Digital Storytelling and Other Educational Media Techniques


Paul Riser – Famed Motown Musician and Funk Brother

Dr. Andy Flory – Assistant Professor of Music, Carleton College

Author, I Hear a Symphony: Listening to the Music of Motown

Dr. Kenneth Prouty – Professor of Musicology and Jazz Studies, Michigan State University

Allen Rawls, AICP – Motown Museum Trustee

Dr. Patricia Coleman-Burns – Assistant Professor Emerita, School of Nursing, University of Michigan

Former Motown Records Staff Member

Dr. Addell Austin Anderson – Humanities Faculty, Wayne County Community College

Gary Anderson – Artistic Director, Plowshares Theatre Company

Cancellation Policy:

If you decide to cancel your reservation, please do so immediately by sending a message to




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