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“The Master’s Tool” – Black Theatre Matters, Ep. 103

Black Theatre Matters is a podcast designed for you. It is designed to be informative, exploring new works, as well as interviews with Black Theatre artists and organizations. We promise thoughtful commentary on trending issues, principles of the art form, and ideas...

…While Black

This blog post originally ran on our arts and humanities blog, "Black Theatre Matters."  George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Names added to a lengthy list of Black people whose lives have been taken at the hands of white policemen or former policemen. Lives...

When WE See Us

When we see us – or more specifically, when we see people like us – doing things or leading lives we want to lead, the scope of what is possible in the eyes of a young person grows dramatically.

Rules for the Audition Room

An audition is a job interview, so we need to act like it. Actors should expect the audition process will vary from one institution to another; no two auditions are exactly alike. However, there are some rules we expect auditioners to follow. Always be prompt. If...

29 Facts on Charles S. Gilpin and The Emperor Jones

Born in November 20, 1878 in Richmond, Virginia, Charles S. Gilpin attended a segregated Catholic school until the age of 12, before seeking work to help support his family. In 1896 at the age of 18, Gilpin joined a minstrel show, leaving Richmond and beginning a life...

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Today is Martin Luther King Day. It's a time for us to pause and reflect on the things that Dr. King valued and eventually died fighting to realize. Those values being equity of opportunity for all and access to the full benefits as an American citizen. These values...

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