2019: A Year of Rebirth

Be a part of an ambitious bold, new Plowshares. Join us on our journey towards being a part of a renewed and revitalized Detroit.


Plowshares Theatre Company is proud to celebrate 30 years of theatre in Detroit.

Help us celebrate this year by attending one of our upcoming events.


Understand the importance of self-representation and self-definition in the artform.

Plowshares Theatre Company exists for everyone.

It provides a stage for those who never had one. It provides a platform for those who need one. It shines a spotlight on lessons learned by our ancestors. And it shines a light forward for the next generation to follow. It creates a safe space to start a dialogue and a place for the talent of Detroit to rise up and inspire.

1619: A Rememberance in word, music and dance.

Plowshares Theatre Company’s “1619: A Remembrance in Word, Music and Dance” observance marks the 400th anniversary of the African experience in the United States.

One of the highlights of our observance will be an unforgettable artistic presentation featuring musicians, actors, and dancers telling the story of African American contributions over the last four centuries. A local cast of talented and brilliant artists will come together to create an emotionally moving artistic presentation incorporating the pain and triumph of the African in America.

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